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Diploma of Interpreting & Advanced Diploma of Translating

Diploma of Interpreting

A Diploma of Interpreting qualification at AIWT covers the competencies required to interpret between Mandarin and English or between Arabic and English, to convey information using specific terminology for a specific audience.

To become an interpreter, you must be fluent in another language as well as English. To succeed, you will also need to complete a VET qualification which is what AIWT is offering to you. You will gain a rewarding and challenging career by studying a Diploma of Interpreting which will undoubtedly add an additional skill to your resume! You will be provided with a kick-start that you need to be an interpreter where opportunity lies to help others, learn new things, travel and work in different environments.

Upon graduating with a Diploma of Interpreting, you can become a freelance interpreter, linguist or do contract work with health, education, legal, business and travel agencies, teacher (ESL).

After completing the qualification, you may be able to gain NAATI accreditation.

Advanced Diploma of Translating

In our current age of globalisation, where the world is becoming more interconnected as a result of massively increased trade and cultural exchange, the need for professional translating services is ever increasing.

AIWT’s Advanced Diploma of Translating is a NAATI endorsed qualification which covers the competencies required to translate special purpose texts from English to Chinese or English to Arabic, to convey information written using specific terminology for a specific audience in functionally equivalent translated texts that are accurate and appropriate to the context, target audience and end use.

An Advanced Diploma of Translating at AIWT will give you the ability to transfer style, tone and cultural elements accurately from one language to another. You will learn the proper use and translation of technical terms – e.g. legal, medical and education industries – in formal documents.

An Advanced Diploma of Translating with AIWT will give you the skills to be a Translator and prepare you for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) test. Immigration recognises and awards the importance of Translating skills with 5 points towards points-tested visa applications.

When you graduate with a qualification in Advanced Diploma of Translating, you can become a freelance translator, communications officer, localisation specialist, linguist or gain contract work with translating agencies.

Upon completion of Advanced Diploma of Translating at AIWT, University of Western Australia (UWA) is offering credit exemptions of up to 1 semester into their Master of Translation Studies. You must already hold a Bachelor degree and you must also meet the University’s English proficiency requirements.