AIWT Experience

Immersing yourself in the AIWT (Australian Institute of Workplace Training) culture is a life-enhancing experience. Our students mean a lot to us and this governs how we approach the learning environment we provide. AIWT prides itself on delivering practical training and work-ready learning experiences to all students. Most importantly, we treat students as part of the AIWT family and our staff are always available to provide a helping hand. Many of the AIWT staff are trained and experienced counsellors, with many years of life experience. We aim to see you achieve your dreams and goals. Why not come and have a chat with our friendly and positive staff today.

Why choose AIWT?

Unique Learning Environment
AIWT believes that the best teaching is as much about the trainer’s passion to teach as it is about the students’ reasons for wanting to learn. Motivating students to learn is important, but teaching them how to learn, and doing so in a manner that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable is critical to the AIWT philosophy. At AIWT we strive to prepare students for a long and fulfilling career providing workplace specific and practical training in a range of courses. This said, students are a part of the AIWT family and graduate with more than just a qualification. At AIWT making students welcome and supporting their learning endeavours is an integral part of AIWT’s success.

Student Events
At AIWT, we believe that playing is as important as learning. Events are organised throughout the year to celebrate Australia, as well as our diverse cultures. We are very fortunate to have students from all over the world where we can showcase what we have to offer in Australia but also to learn from our students. Be it Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, Harmony Day, we are always looking for a reason to celebrate.

Premier Location
AIWT is located in beautiful sunny Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. Our campus is located in Perth City. The campus is situated in close proximity to public transport such as the FREE City CAT buses, train and bus services. Our campus is also close to shops, cafes and restaurants.

Flexible Learning and Support
To suit the many requirements of our students, AIWT provides a flexible learning experience. Whether it is face-to-face, fast-paced, self-paced or through traineeship, we provide a training approach that includes hands-on experiences, online resources, written tests, assignments and observed simulated practice. Our teaching staff are available to assist you to excel and achieve greater heights in your chosen area of study. They also bring to their classroom a wealth of teaching experience, industry knowledge and a unique approach to delivering world-class education and training.

Great Value
With competitive tuition fees and practical workplace relevant training, AIWT courses offer great value to both international and domestic students alike. AIWT combines class theory with industry experience. Our students are able to “train locally and advance globally.”

AIWT Philosophy on Teaching and Learning
The AIWT Teaching & Learning philosophy is based around a unique learning experience: