Become an AIWT Education Agent

AIWT is committed to partnering with high quality Authorised Representatives who will actively recruit and support students, and promote AIWT Courses.

In order to apply you will be required to complete our Education Agent Application Form in FULL and submit along with relevant documents and evidence.

If you are successful in your application you will be given access to our Education Agent Portal where you will find a range of resources to assist you in the promotion of AIWT and its courses.

Please complete the following application.

    Contact Details

    If you have a postal address, please complete the below:

    Business Information

    Have you ever visited Australia?

    Attach evidence of Qualified Education Agent Counsellor Certificate (  or

    Attached business portfolio (maximum two pages please)

    Attach proof of business registration from your country

    Academic Referees


    Do you have a good understanding of the requirements of the Education Services for Overseas Students ESOS Act (2000) and the National Code (2018)?

    Do you monitor the Dept. of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) and Dept. of Education websites regularly?

    Students who arrive in Australia on a student visa must have a primary purpose for studying and be doing this on a full time basis. Do you understand this?

    Will you agree to distribute AIWT marketing/advertising, course materials, application procedures and other information to students in a sound
    manner according to AIWT guidelines?