Backyard BBQ at Malaga

AIWT hosted a backyard BBQ party at the Malaga campus to celebrate spring. Students from both Malaga and Northbridge campus attended the event, bringing some scrumptious dishes for everyone to try.

On the table were homemade salads, assorted breads and wraps, a host of fillings to choose from the BBQ including sausages, chicken and veggies. To finish the event in style, a delicious homemade rocky road chocolate treat was served.

Thanks to the BBQ Master Mick Holmes and his helping team, Sabrina and Hader, and special thanks to the student council members of making this another great social get together.

The next social event is Tuesday, 7th of November for Melbourne Cup Day lunch in both campuses – More information will be on FB shortly.

Student enrichment program launched with a cv writing workshop

AIWT has recently launched its new ‘Student Enrichment Program’, providing opportunities for students to learn additional oral and written skills and to boost employment outcomes. As a part of this program, a CV writing workshop was held in September. The three hour morning session was held at Malaga campus by Eva Godwin, Director of AIWT.

The first session started off with an overview of how a CV should look like including the structure and the format Australian recruiters are looking for. Plenty of real-life CVs – and their edited version – were handed around as examples, which helped students to understand the key objectives of each section in a CV and how students can use them to their own advantage.

The session progressed to thoroughly explore each element of a CV including:

  • How to write an impactful summary that would encourage the recruiter to read more
  • Differences between skills related to the job or occupation (technical skills) and other skills which are transferable like communication, computer and life skills and how to include them in a CV
  • How to present the past professional history and the responsibilities to demonstrate the depth of the job role
  • How to write statements that give a clear picture of the candidate’s drive and motivation levels and what he/she achieved beyond in past roles and how to quantify the achievement including how it has contributed to the company’s benefit
  • How to write a targeted CV that addresses what the job ad has asked for and doesn’t give details of unrelated skills and experience

A one-on-one session was held as the second part of the workshop. Each student was asked to attempt to re-write their CV. Eva interviewed every student, gained information on their background, current and past experiences and helped each student to improve their own CV. Students were given feedback on the layout, use of words, format of the CV and how it would fit the position they are applying for.

As one student noted, even experienced professionals don’t know how to write a good CV. Not many people know what to include and what to not include in a CV. All of the students who attended the workshop agreed that this workshop was in-depth and insightful. They also said that the CV writing workshop must be held frequently and regularly and it truly helps students to present themselves more professionally with a better chance of landing a better job.

While the date for the next CV writing workshop is yet to be finalised, other essential skills workshops will be held in October. On offer is a workshop on Word Processing and Powerpoint to be held on October 11th and on ‘how to write a cover letter and “Interview skills’ on October 25th.