Magic Coat Train the Trainer Program

Train the Trainer Program

The Magic Coat Journey is a series of Concept and Activity Workshops that provide the necessary skills and resources to enable capable, passionate and committed Trainers to facilitate and deliver The Magic Coat program.

The Magic Coat is an analogy of an imaginary coat that helps children to feel safe and to deal with difficult situations they may come across in their young lives. It equips children with tools and strategies to help them become confident, resilient and also radiate the positive qualities of love, happiness, compassion and kindness.

The characters in the Magic Coat are bright, colourful and is based on nautical themes where gender, race, religion, or any other differentiation trait, does not matter. They bring with them positive vibes and are ready to accompany children in their daily adventures and challenges.

The Magic Coat

The Course Includes:

  • 4 x Concept Workshops
  • 3 x Activity Workshops
  • 1 x Development Update Workshop
  • 1 x Annual Registration per attendee
  • Certificate of Achievement jointly issued by AIWT and The Magic Coat Foundation
  • 1 x Resource Pack per attendee 
    • 1 x Magic Coat Book
    • 1 x Teacher Resource Book
    • 1 x Parenting Book
    • 1 x Magic Coat
    • 2 x Magic Coat Sticker Sheets
    • Access to four workshop videos for 12 months

4-Day Workshop Course Dates:

Thursday 13th October, 2022 Ground Floor, 823 Wellington Street, West Perth
Friday 14th October, 2022 Ground Floor, 823 Wellington Street, West Perth
Thursday 20th October, 2022 Ground Floor, 823 Wellington Street, West Perth
Friday 21st October, 2022 Ground Floor, 823 Wellington Street, West Perth

Investment: $2,920.00 + GST

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The Magic Coat Obi the Octopus, reminds us that there is more than just the feelings of happy and sad. There are so many other feelings that we need to label, recognise and manage


Creation of The Magic Coat

Research has shown that the number of young people experiencing mental health issues are growing and it is without dispute that effective early prevention will significantly reduce the occurrences of mental illness and mental disorderWhilst there are many mental health and wellbeing publications and programs available, very few (if any) are able to engage children from a very young age.

The Magic Coat program has been developed based on the core principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Positive Psychology. Di Wilcox, the author and founder of The Magic Coat, has taught in classrooms in Australia and Internationally for over 20 years. She has seen first-hand the need for a program that engages children visually and with a common language that is understood by all ages.

Di has a BA in Social Science (Women and Children’s Studies) and a Diploma of Education. In 2020, Di won the United Nations Western Australia, Human Rights Award for her work with The Magic Coat and supporting children. She has also won Citizen of the Year and has been nominated top three finalist for the Pride of Australia Medal on two occasions. Di often features in the media, on TV and radio, to share her parenting and educational expertise.

The Magic Coat


“Embracing a child-centred approach to deliver the message that mental health matters, Wilcox skilfully designs a series of animated characters – ‘friends’ (that live inside the pockets of the imaginary coat) to introduce children to the language of emotions and enable them to understand and express feelings.”

Dr. Sandra Hesterman, Director of Early Childhood Education, Murdoch University


The Magic Coat

Tate the Turtle, reminds us that we too can find the courage to try new things and try and try again until we achieve our goals!


Our Magic Coat Journey Partner

AIWT is a Registered Training Organisation in Perth, Western Australia delivering qualifications to both international and local students since 2003. AIWT has its roots in qualifications for Early Childhood Education and Care, School Age Education and Care, Education Support and Community Services, and continues to be one of the best training providers in these industries. They are the preferred provider for many organisations, especially most Childcare Centres including Nido and Goodstart Early Learning.


The Magic Coat Success Stories

“After completing a workshop with Di at our school I am excited to get started with some Magic Coat activities with my class. It was refreshing to be given some strategies from a presenter with an education background that I feel will really benefit my students. It was obvious that Di is passionate about the subject matter and this came across very strongly throughout the workshop. I love the characters and the picture book that goes with them – I can’t wait for Di to come and work with my students.”

Erin Lysle​, Senior Teacher, Kewdale Primary School


The Magic Coat Omelia and Pandora, remind us not to close ourselves off from the world


“Through the implementation of the Magic Coat program throughout the school and developing the whole child, we have seen a healthier school climate whereby our students can handle their emotions, avoid negative behaviours, make positive decisions and solve problems effectively. As a result, our teachers can focus on teaching resulting in improved academic performance.”

Natasha Doyle, Principal, Warriapendi Primary School


Solomon the Surfboard, reminds us to ride life’s waves


“The program has some very evoking characters, that will help children with emotional regulation and building resilience. The program is easy to understand and relatable for parents and children.

Strategies within the program are easy to understand and use. Having the coat as a prop, makes the program relatable. It’s good to have access to a program that is easy for parents to understand and follow. The response from parents was extremely positive and enthusiastic”

Rebecca Smyth, Associate Principal – Kindergarten to Year 6, Mount Barker Community College

The Magic Coat

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