New Website Launch

June 21, 2018

Welcome to our new website!

Our website is the latest of many new beginnings at AIWT and we are very excited about it! We wanted our website to be user-friendly – providing crucial information easy access to crucial information to our future potential students, but also be the gateway for our current students into our Learning Management System.

New students will find everything they need here to make an informed decision and to see all that AIWT has to offer – from quality training to a warm family oriented community – AIWT is ready to welcome you.

For our international students, information about our beautiful city of Perth is also available.

Those who know us or follow us on our social media, you will have noticed the many changes we have made recently.

Since our recent kickstart, we have identified our vision: To be a genuine provider, delivering skilled and confident human resources to the workforce.

We have also identified the values that we expect all students and staff to embrace: GENUINE PASSIONATE AND PROGRESSIVE

To ensure that we are able to live up to our vision and values, we have invested time and resources towards making our students’ experience memorable and effective. We know that we are shaping the lives of our students, so we want to get it right.

For those who are just getting to know us, changes we have introduced to AIWT include:

…and that’s just the start! We are planning so much more in the near future.

So stay in touch with us and come back often to our website, where there is always something new! Or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or WeChat. ‘aiwt_training’

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