NAATI Mystery Explained

June 1, 2018

Late 2017, NAATI launched the Credentialed Community Language (CCL) testing program. Individuals who pass the NAATI CCL Test can claim CCL five bonus points towards their residency application – which can prove very crucial in a highly competitive residency application process.

The announcement of the Credentialed Community Language, better known as CCL, caused quite a lot of excitement and confusion in the Interpreting and Translating education market. Before CCL was introduced, a Diploma of Interpreting or an Advanced Diploma in Translating was required to take the NAATI accreditation test. Passing the test then gave you the extra five points.

With the introduction of CCL, students were then thrown another option when seeking to apply for residency. A qualification was no longer required to gain the five points.

Therefore, the mystery – which one should a student enrol in? PSP50916 Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English), PSP60816 Advanced Diploma of Translating (English to Chinese), CRICOS Code: 092523M or the CCL Preparation Program?

AIWT offers all three avenues, so let us help clear the confusion and give you some meaningful information in your decision making.

PSP50916 Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English)
Interpreting is the skill of verbal translation. If you are a confident bilingual speaker, quick-minded, with a good memory and excellent presentation skills, this is the course for you. As the world becomes smaller and borders disappearing, communication skills have become more and more important. It is imperative that the essence in such communication is captured accurately and not lost in language or cultural differences.

A PSP50916 Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English) is an invaluable addition to any student’s resume. In a world where having a higher education qualification is common place, having a certification in two languages adds to the value you bring to your future employers. Therefore, the Diploma is ideal for students commencing their career or employees looking to climb the corporate ladder.

The PSP50916 Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English) is an accredited qualification and the course runs for 33 weeks. Upon successful completion of the course, and passing the NAATI test, you will become a Certified Provisional Interpreter.

Passing the NAATI exam, of course, awards the student five points for migration purposes.

PSP60816 Advanced Diploma of Translating
(English to Chinese) CRICOS Code: 092523M
Translation is the skill of written translation. If you are a person who has a good eye for details, good reading, comprehension and writing skills in both Chinese and English, this course would be ideal for you. Professional translators not only need to get the message across, but they have to get it with pinpoint accuracy. Many documents rely on technical terms that cannot be lost in translation. There may be disastrous consequences if a document is mistranslated or if omissions occur.

A PSP60816 Advanced Diploma of Translating (English to Chinese) CRICOS Code: 092523M is a definite plus to a student’s portfolio and a very highly sought-after skill. The ability to translate from English to Chinese gives a student an extra edge when applying for a job, or competing for a promotion. There will always be a need for Certified Translators, as more and more cross border transactions occur.

AIWT is the only provider in Perth for this accredited qualification and the course runs for 33 weeks. Upon successful completion of the course, and passing the NAATI test, you will become a Certified Translator and gain the five points towards migration.

Credentialed Community Language (CCL) Preparation Program
For those looking for an extra of 5 points, and not concerned about gaining a qualification, AIWT’s CCL Preparation Program is ideal. NAATI’s CCL test allows the applicant to attempt the test without any qualification. This test is only available in the interpreting form (verbal), and not the translation format (reading and writing).

We have 3 packages tailored to cater for different abilities.
Our Master Package is for those who are experienced in Interpreting and are very confident speakers in both Mandarin and English. The program runs over 2 weeks with 10 workshops and a mock exam. There is a total of 30 class contact hours.

Our Competent Package is run over 4 weeks with 20 workshops and 2 mock exams. The total class contact is 60 hours. This program is suitable for those with some interpreting exposure and has a strong grasp of spoken Mandarin and English, but require assistance with technical terms.

Our Capable Package is for students who are bilingual but do not have any Interpreting skills. The program is run over 6 weeks with 30 workshops and 3 mock exams. The total class contact is 90 hours.

For those seeking to polish up on a particular topic or would like to take a Mock Exam to assess their readiness, we have “Boost Topics” and “Mock Exams” available.

We also have designed our CCL Preparation Program to have a pathway into the PSP50916 Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English). Any fees paid and time spent will be given credit towards the Diploma of Interpreting if the student finds that they have a genuine passion for this profession.

We hope the above has cleared the mystery around NAATI’s intentions. At AIWT, we have consulted with NAATI and designed our program to cater for the different needs of students and intended migrants.

If you would like to enrol in one of our programs or if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to call us on 08 9249 9688 or email us at: We can register you into one of our weekly information sessions and you can meet our Course Coordinator, Dr. David Zhao, who can provide further clarity and guidance.

At AIWT, we have other courses that may also interest you – Early Childhood Education and Care, Work Health and Safety, and Leadership & Management courses. Please visit our website at or call us for more information.


2017年末,NAATI启动了认证社区语言(CCL)考试计划。通过NAATI CCL考试的个人可以为其永居申请社区语言5分的加分 – 这对于竞争激烈的永居申请来说非常重要。



因此,这又成为了一个“谜团”或“困惑” – 学生应该报名学习哪一种课程呢?PSP50916口译文凭(英汉互译)、PSP60816笔译高级文凭(英译汉,国际学生课程招生代码:092523M)还是CCL备考课程?


PSP50916口译文凭 (英汉互译)









对于那些想要额外获得5分而又不想获取文凭的人,AIWT的CCL备考课程是理想的选择。 NAATI的CCL测试允许申请人在没有任何翻译文凭的情况下参加测试。该测试仅以口译的形式(注重口语表达)进行,而不是笔译的形式(注重阅读理解和书面表达)。




对于那些想要专门学习某个特定话题或想要参加额外模拟考试来评估他们准备情况的学生,我们有“话题加油站Boost Topics”和“模拟考试Mock Exams”两个单选板块供学生自由选择。




如果你想要报名学习上面任一课程,或想了解更多信息,请随时致电9249 9688或发送电子邮件至。 我们可以帮你报名参加每周一次的招生信息说明会,届时你可以与我们的课程负责人David Zhao博士面谈,他可以为你提供更多明确的信息和指导。

在AIWT,我们还有其它你可能感兴趣的课程 – 早期儿童教育和护理,工作、健康与安全以及管理课程。 请浏览我们的网站或致电我们以获取更多信息。

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