Short Courses


Career Prospects

Professional Development.


Being Culturally AwarePromote Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety3 hours
Develop Cultural Competence3 hours
Children’s Health and SafetyParticipate in Work Health and Safety3 hours
Ensure health and safety of children3 hours
Providing Care for ChildrenProvide care for children3 hours
Provide care for babies and toddlers3 hours
Behaviour and Relationship Building of ChildrenDevelop positive and respectful relationships with children3 hours
Support behaviour of children and young people3 hours
Observations to Inform Framework for Children’s PracticeUse an approved learning framework to guide practice3 hours
Use information about children to inform practice3 hours
Children’s Development and PlaySupport the holistic development of children in early childhood3 hours
Provide experiences to support children’s play and learning3 hours
Maintaining Legal ResponsibilitiesWork legally and ethically3 hours
Identify and respond to children and young people at risk3 hours
Food, Nutrition and SafetyPromote and Provide healthy food and drinks3 hours
Work Collaboratively to maintain an environment safe for Children and Young People3 hours
Planning and Development OHSC Part 1Support children to participate in the school-aged care3 hours
Develop and implement play and leisure experiences in school-age care3 hours
Planning and Development OHSC Part 2Work collaboratively and respectfully with children in school-aged care3 hours
Support the holistic development of children in school-aged care3 hours
Working with Diverse Culture and Work PracticesWork with diverse people3 hours
Organise personal work priorities and development3 hours
Healthy environments for childrenMaintain work Health and Safety3 hours
Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children3 hours
Children's DevelopmentFoster the holistic development and well-being of the child in early childhood 3 hours
Nurture creativity in children3 hours
Compliance and sustainable practiceFacilitate compliance in an education and care service3 hours
Embed Sustainable practices in the service operations3 hours
Manage challenging behaviours & implement inclusive practicesEstablish and Implement plans for developing cooperative behaviour3 hours
Implement strategies for the inclusion of all children3 hours
Planning Cycle for ChildrenAnalyse information to inform learning3 hours
Design and implement the curriculum to foster children’s learning and development3 hours
Working with Families to Promote Children's AgencyPromote children’s agency3 hours
Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate education and care for children3 hours
Policy Research & DevelopmentResearch and apply evidence to practice.3 hours
Develop and Implement policy3 hours
LeadershipLead the team3 hours
Provide leadership across the organisation3 hours
Safe Practices for ChildrenFoster the holistic development and well being of the child in school-age care3 hours
Reflect and improve own professional practice3 hours

Course Information

Entry Requirement

Completion of Year 10 or equivalent.



Delivery Method

Cost: $100 per workshop or $180 for 2 workshops on the same day

*Cost: $195 for 2 days

Additional Information

Option available to complete assessments (at additional cost) to gain unit accreditation.

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